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  1. Real Prosperity

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    4 February 2017 by romanin


    I want to know what it means to prosper, or to be powerful, as a Christian. And I suppose I mean in general terms. Is a prosperous Christian one who has been blessed with wealth and family? What about the Christians in the middle east that have a sword to their necks? If they hold the law in their hearts, are they to still be considered prosperous? What does it mean to prosper in this age in God’s economy?

  2. Story Series: You Cannot Serve Two Masters

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    8 April 2016 by romanin


    When we met them, J and J had just arrived in America and were struggling through their fresh first year …
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  3. Story Series: Do Not Conform…


    23 March 2016 by romanin


    Jack and his skateboard.  Those are a pair.  You always see them together.  He’s a freshman who looks like he …
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  4. Story Series: I am…


    21 March 2016 by romanin


    Welcome to the first story in the “Story Series“. Meet Gabriel, a 20 something who sports the color black and …
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  5. A Picture of Mercy


    29 February 2016 by romanin

    At around 9:00pm today, we were ending a long day by putting on our coats to head home from Alpha …
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  6. 1 Tim 1:5 – The aim of our charge is love…


    11 September 2015 by romanin

    Yesterday my heart was troubled deeply.  As I was walking on campus, I came across a pit preacher.  I have …
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  7. Action or Reaction? The call to a better kind of freedom.

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    10 May 2015 by romanin


    No matter how hard a captain would try, a sailing ship will not move without the wind.  A sailing vessel …
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  8. Praise the Poet, not the Poem!


    22 April 2015 by romanin


    Psalm 19:1-7 says: The heavens declare the glory of God; the sky displays his handiwork. Day after day it speaks …
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    5 March 2015 by romanin

    David Dancing before the Lord

    Have you ever thought what it would feel like to be a kid again, to be unhindered by cultural and social expectations?

  10. L: Comparison is the thief of JOY

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    3 March 2015 by romanin


    trying to live a single person’s ideal life as a married, invested mom of 3 is like putting your right glove on your left hand. It kind of fits, but is very uncomfortable and you just want to take it off. The result is bitterness, a lot of stress and feeling small because you “haven’t accomplished anything”.

    Have you ever heard the quote, I think it’s by C.S. Lewis? “Comparison is the thief of JOY.”


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