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  1. Easter and Closed Doors

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    15 April 2020 by romanin

    We had to celebrate Easter behind closed doors this year. A new thing for all of us. But perhaps in our circumstances, we can relate to the first Easter in an interesting way.

  2. Persevere to the End

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    5 March 2020 by romanin

    This week, reflect and pray with me on the second Epistle of Jesus to the seven churches in Revelation 2. We will reflect on the reality of suffering, and how Jesus calls us to endure. Is your longing for heaven or for earthly things?

  3. Doubting Thomas

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    20 May 2019 by romanin

    What did Thomas feel when he was told that Jesus was alive? Frustrated ? Angry? Three years of his life was spent with Jesus. For three years, Jesus built up his hopes in a future where things were finally looking as they should. Promises of life and justice. All worthy of Thomas giving up his normal livelihood. And then Jesus dies. All hope is dashed. What must he have felt?

  4. Movie Night!


    9 April 2015 by romanin

    We’ve been doing a movie night with the Chinese Bible Study groups at our church.  The Bible Studies have been …
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  5. Writing and an Update


    29 March 2015 by romanin

    Although have failed in my commitment to write 500 words a day, we have been quite busy. This is a short update on what we have been up to.

  6. Romanin Easter 2014 Highlights

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    14 May 2014 by romanin

    Throwback to last month.  Here is a short video of our Easter weekend! Enjoy watching. He’s alive!!

  7. Conversations with a thinker


    21 April 2014 by romanin

    Conversations with Nathaniel about Passion week: 1.  Nathaniel, how do you feel about Jesus dying? “Sad….” After some thought, “But …
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  8. Easter wreath and Resurrection Garden

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    21 April 2014 by romanin


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