Jesus Still Calms Storms!

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15 June 2019 by romanin

We saw a miracle!  I want to write this down and keep telling this story because as time passes, the weight of it lessens in my heart.  I don’t want that to happen.  I need to meditate on what God has done.

So on Monday, Memorial Day of 2019, there was a terrible storm.  We were told that there would be a Tornado warning until 10:00pm.  It started at 8:00.  As the storm rapidly worsened, I felt compelled to call Jerry a student who had recently bought a house.  The sirens were wailing and the wind was strong.  Jerry was at his new home with his girlfriend Meng and her friend Runjia.  I called him and told him it would be best for them to retreat to the basement due to the storm; the sirens were warning that a tornado was sighted.  He told me that he saw hail and strong winds at his house and that one of his trees was close to blowing over.  I advised him to go into the basement.  He turned and told the girls, and I heard screaming over the phone.  They went into the basement and began to pray.

As I realized that he was close to where a tornado was happening, it became more real to me and I decided to get my family down from upstairs to relative safety on the first floor.  They were taking baths, but were almost done.  The last to come was Ethan, our 6-year-old.  He had been drying himself off and getting dressed.  As we came down the stairs, Ethan told me how scared he was and he began to cry.

We huddled in the fireplace room as the storm raged outside.  I asked Ethan if it would be OK if I prayed with him, and he nodded.  He kept glancing at the dark sky and tree branches whipping in the wind outside the back room window.  I reminded him of three things: Jesus is Lord of the storm, God loves us and takes care of us, when we pray for peace, the Holy Spirit gives it to us.  And I prayed.

In my prayer I asked that God watch over us and Jerry and the girls, and Keyou, and Renu, and many others that we know in our neighborhood and town.  Ethan stopped crying and leant against my chest listening to my prayer.  Lydia nodded in affirmation, Abigail (4) and Raphael (1) were playing idly not aware of any real danger, and Nathaniel (8) was rolling around on the ground listening intently (when listening, he rarely sits still).  

As soon as I said “Amen” we looked outside and the trees were still.  Moments later the sun came out.  There was a pause in the storm.  It was 8:30, so I didn’t want anyone to get their hopes up that it was all over.  To make sure, I checked the weather online and looked at a radar.  It was over!  There was no sign of a storm following.  It had stopped.  I called Jerry and found him and the girls were reading their bibles in the basement.

Was it good timing?  No.  God answered prayer!  Ethan was comforted, and he said to me “In my heart, I think God is really really awesome”.  And Nathaniel told me “Dad, miracles still happen today, and we saw one!  Jesus can still raise the dead too, right!?”  Oh to be a child!  Jesus says we ought to believe like children.  Amen.  The next night there was another threat of a storm.  It didn’t happen, but Ethan was worried anyway, and I prayed for him again.  He told me that when he is scared and worried, he can feel “God almighty in his heart.”  

When all this transpires and I think on it, tears fill my eyes.  Oh the kindness of God toward my children!  I pray they remember what God has done for them for years and years to come.  What a wonderful testimony of God’s grace.  Amen.

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