IMG_8435I grew up in a small town to an Italian/Slovenian family as a catholic and an oldest child, but my life began when in my second year of college, I came to know the man, Jesus Christ.  I grew a lot in college, from a confused and angry teenage kid into the makings of a Christian man.  The Lord then led me to spend some time overseas, and I spent 2 years in Mongolia teaching English.  On my way there, I met the love of my life, and we began to communicate through email, as she was teaching English in China.  After two years, I could take it no longer, and I moved to China to chase her.  We returned to America in 2009 and got married on the 8th of August.  During my stint in Asia teaching English, and sharing Christ with those in Asia, I learned more than I’ve ever learned about life, love, and faith.  I became an avid reader, a theologian, and a thinker.  I became lover and writer of poetry.  I became sold out to Christ and His Kingdom mission.

Now, living in the states, I am working in International student ministry.  I work at Purdue University for an organization called China Outreach Ministries.  We open our home and our lives to disciple young Chinese students toward friendship and loyalty to Christ and His kingdom.

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