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  1. The Rosewater Man

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    10 May 2019 by romanin

    Many of us are addicted to being busy.  Are you one of those?  When I’m busy I subconsciously feel more valuable and useful.  But there is still a longing for the contemplative; a longing to have my relationships with others go deeper; a longing to slow down.  The Rosewater man has such a life: occupied but not busy; his days are full yet simple.

  2. Creating Order from Divine Chaos

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    30 August 2017 by romanin

    I think it’s interesting how God’s creation account in Genesis displays, over the course of six days, a higher and …
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  3. Round Two: Our House is Relisted!


    6 September 2014 by romanin

    Our house is back on the market! Check it out on!

  4. 3 years


    9 August 2012 by romanin

    Our anniversary was yesterday, 8/8!  We celebrated by going to a batting cage and hitting slow-pitch softball, trying to hit …
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  5. Purple carrots!

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    15 July 2012 by romanin

    Well, here in Amherst, Ohio, it’s been a hot summer.  Hot and humid, just like a good midwest state.  Good …
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  6. He’s walking!


    4 May 2012 by romanin

    Top ten of the past few months in no particular order 1.  We went to California for 4 days to …
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  7. L: time outside

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    15 March 2012 by romanin

    It was 80 degrees yesterday!  Cause for being outside the WHOLE day!  Here’s a little photo log of what we …
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  8. L: Suddenly Summer


    14 March 2012 by romanin

    The weather has been in the mid to upper 60s and 70s the past two days, which is eerily strange …
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  9. L: And he’s 1!!


    22 February 2012 by romanin

    Well, it seems we’ve left you out in the dust for some time.  So, here is another gallery of more …
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  10. smiles all around…

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    26 November 2011 by romanin

    Here’s a little gallery of the latest with Nathaniel. 10 developmental milestones: 1.  Rolling a soccer ball 2.  Standing while …
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