All That the Lord Hath Done

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28 January 2019 by romanin

A Poem, by Nick Romanin,

Since the day you freed me, Lord,
The fight in my heart won,
You said to me “Remember, son,
All that the Lord hath done.”

No sooner did I give my thanks
And think of peace and rest,
My enemy arose and chased
And put me to the test.

I trusted you to guide me through
The desert, but I found
My self entrapped with no escape;
I could not stand my ground.

The hills are walls, the sea’s a trap,
My foe is close at hand!
Could it be I’m meant to die
Upon these lonely sands?

But you proved then my faith was small;
The hills were just two guides;
The parted sea, and now I’m free!
And from the other side…

I saw my enemy give chase
But far from either side,
You crushed them with a watery blow:
Not one, not one survived.

My life is safe, my foe is gone!
Now at the setting sun,
A still small voice reminds me of
All that the Lord hath done.

(c) 2018 Nick Romanin

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