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  1. A Picture of Mercy


    29 February 2016 by romanin

    At around 9:00pm today, we were ending a long day by putting on our coats to head home from Alpha …
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  2. L: Comparison is the thief of JOY

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    3 March 2015 by romanin

    trying to live a single person’s ideal life as a married, invested mom of 3 is like putting your right glove on your left hand. It kind of fits, but is very uncomfortable and you just want to take it off. The result is bitterness, a lot of stress and feeling small because you “haven’t accomplished anything”.

    Have you ever heard the quote, I think it’s by C.S. Lewis? “Comparison is the thief of JOY.”

  3. We are Married!!!

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    29 August 2009 by romanin

    Our wedding went as smooth as the silk we were both wearing and our honeymoon was as romantic as our hearts felt when we said “I do”. This is a short and inadequate record of the happiest day of our lives!


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