Story Series: I am…


21 March 2016 by romanin

Welcome to the first story in the “Story Series“.

Meet Gabriel, a 20 something who sports the color black and has spiky hair.  A reserved type, he observes and speaks mostly when first spoken to.

Gabriel has been at our Friday night Bible studies for a few months now.  His nondescript presence sometimes makes me wonder, “What is he thinking? How does he feel about that?”

One evening, Gabriel was sitting with Nick at dinner and they started talking.  It was Nick’s first time really getting some conversation time with him.

At one point in the conversation, Nick asked Gabriel where he was at with his faith.

Gabriel:  Not yet a Christian.
Nick:  How did you start coming to college group?

Gabriel had heard a constant voice telling him,

I am God and I am real.” 

At first, like I would have done, Gabriel ignored it.  It is impossible, it’s eerie and a little weird.

For 1-2 weeks, the voice continued off and on, saying,

I am God and I am real.” 

Finally, to put an end to this constant voice, Gabriel replied, wanting to see the “realness” of this so-called “God”.

“If you get me this job at Apple, I will start going to church.” 

Two days later, Apple called him.

The next day, Gabriel started going to church.

And he’s been coming ever since.  A few months now and he’s been faithfully coming mostly every Friday night to study God’s word and learn more about Christianity.

Friends, real encounters with God still happen.  He is present in your process of becoming, whether you know it or not.

Pray for Gabriel with us, that God would continue to be real to Him, undoubtedly real so Gabriel can have faith in the Living God.  Pray that Gabriel would continue coming to study the Word.

John 8:58
Jesus said to them, “I assure you: Before Abraham was, I am.” 


One thought on “Story Series: I am…

  1. Beverly Michalski says:

    Praise God. Maybe Gabriel will see The Risen Savior this week as we focus on the pivotal point in God’s plan for our salvation. I will pray for his eyes to be opened wide to The Savior whose arms opened wide to save us.

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