Nathaniel’s Heart


24 July 2015 by romanin

Something incredible happened the other day.  Nathaniel, my 4-year old, asked me a very important question.  We had just talked about prayer and about how God promises to answer our prayers when we ask in his name (John 16:23-24) and with the right motivations (James 4:3).  As I was putting him to bed, he asked:

Baba (daddy), can you pray for my heart?

Me: Why?

Nathaniel: Because my heart is bad

Me: Why is your heart bad?

Nathaniel: Because sometimes I do bad things.

I then talked to Nathaniel about how God promises to cleans our hearts and renew our hearts if we pray to him and ask.  And I told him about my own testimony and how my heart used to be bad too (and still is sometimes!)  And I read Psalm 51 to him.  After that, I prayed for him.  He then asked:

Why did you pray for my heart?

Me: Because you asked me to!  Nathaniel, why did you ask me to pray for your heart?

Nathaniel: Jesus told me to.  Baba, can you baptize me?

Me: You mean in a bathtub?

Nathaniel: I want you to baptize me here in my bed.

Me: Well I think we should do it in a church so people can see.

Nathaniel: OK, but I want you to do it.  you can become a pastor and you can baptize me.

Me:  Why do you want to be baptized?

Nathaniel: So I can know God better.

I have to say I was so happy.  I am not going to say this was my son’s conversion story, but I am so happy to see my 4-year-old grappling with his own sin and salvation!  What an amazing thing.  He understands more than I realize.  I was very encouraged by this.  praise God.


One thought on “Nathaniel’s Heart

  1. Beverly Michalski says:

    Praise God for Nathaniel’s sweet tender heart that is so sensitive to God at such a young age. I don’t know about your church but ours often allows fathers to baptize their sons and not all of them are Pastors. Food for thought.

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