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6 February 2015 by romanin

Ok, so I (Nick) am going to challenge myself to write more.  As a source of personal growth, reflection, and the growth of our ministry, I see writing creatively as important.  For me personally, it is one of the only artistic outlets I feel that I have, but beyond that, it is a way for me to slow down and think about what is in my head and how to communicate it; to think about what the Lord is speaking to me, or to think about how to express my feelings on a certain book, activity, event, or anything.

My goal is to write 500 words a day.  Most of these will appear either on this blog or on the pen in the stone.  I’ll begin here with a simple update.

We’ve been in West Lafayette for over a month now.  So far, just to update all who read this, we have gotten new windows installed in our home, we have fixed the roof, completely repainted and reaccepted a few rooms, and have unpacked all but 5 boxes!  So we are nearly moved in.

The kids are doing great.  The boys have settled into their new environment well, and Nathaniel in particular has just loved getting to know people around here.  He will turn 4 in a week or so, but we had a birthday party for him early because his grandma was in town.  At this birthday party we had 4 other little kids over: Nathaniel’s new friends.  Per Nathaniel’s request, they had a dance party complete with a bluetooth disco ball.

Ethan, the 2-year old is getting big and coming up with all kinds of new words.  Most days he admires his brother and adores his sister.  But as with everyone, he has his days when he just want’s to be held.

Abigail is turning over now, and getting more and more of a personality.  Going places with her is pretty easy: with the boys we have to watch what they are doing and where they are going, but Abigail just needs to be held, and wherever we go, someone else wants to hold her.

We are getting plugged in to the international fellowships here, and we feel extremely welcomed.  We’ve been getting to know people at Purdue Campus House, the Greater Lafayette Chinese Alliance Church, Faith West Baptist, the Upper Room Church, Covenant Church, and also people form student organizations like Cru (formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ).  We have been participating in Sunday services in English and in Chinese, Nathaniel and Ethan are plugged into age appropriate Bible programs at church, and Lydia and I have just begun attending a bible study for couples.

Lydia has been directly helping a Chinese girl in need (referred to in our last newsletter as “Snow”).  I have just begun mentoring a student, and leading a bible study with a few underclassmen.  I am also being mentored by a pastor a t one of the local fellowships.

We are eager to get deeper into ministry.  But most of our time right now is getting settled and finding a rhythm.  Our goal this semester is really to get comfortable and familiar with the campus and the ministry atmosphere here.  Please pray with us that as we get more and more involved, the Lord would provide for us a specific vision for the campus this semester.

Well, that’s 570 words.  I suppose that’s good for today!


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