Our First Month

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23 January 2015 by romanin

First of all, to anyone reading this who partners with us in prayer, financially, in wisdom, or in any other way, THANK YOU!  We are grateful for the many people that came together in the name of Christ to get us here!

We have been in West Lafayette for about a month now, and I wanted to share a quick update.

Since we’ve arrived here we have met four immediate neighbors, three neighbors within the development, we were able to have young Chinese guests at our house for four meals already.  Nick has fixed a leaky roof, we’ve lain carpet in two rooms, and painted one, we’ve ordered 10 windows to replace drafty ones, we’ve rearranged furniture about seven times, we’ve rearranged the garage about seven times, we’ve attended one welcome dinner, and about ten bible study or prayer meetings, Nick has gotten his Indiana driver’s license, and Lydia has made quite a few mom-friends.  Nathaniel has given a dance performance to every new person that has entered our home, Ethan has been joining him, and Abigail has claimed her place as cutest baby in West Lafayette.

Tomorrow were are heading for a conference in Florida for COM.  We are excited to share a week with our COM coworkers.  During the trip down, we’ll be able to visit two friends, and when we return, we are praying that we can settle into a new “normal” rhythm of life here in West Lafayette.  There is a lot to take in, a lot of wonderful things going on, and there is a lot of work, so to speak.  The fields are ripe!


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