Christmas Without a Home

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9 January 2015 by romanin

This post is a little late, but that’s ok.  I wanted to share about our Christmas.

So on December 16th, we and several friends from church finished packing two containers from Pods Moving and Storage with all of our belongings.  By the end of the day, the containers were gone, our house in Amherst was empty, and we were driving to my brother’s house to stay for a few days.  Looking forward to spending some quality time with my brother and his family, we didn’t expect the flu, but that is what we got.  First Lydia, then Nathaniel, Ethan, Nick, and finally Abigail got the flu.  Somehow, my brother and his family evaded it.  In the mean time, we signed all papers required to close on our house in Amherst.

On the 19th, we moved to Nick’s mom’s house, and on the 22nd, Nick went alone to West Lafayette to sign papers to close on the house there.  The blessing was that we got ton spend Christmas with family.  Despite not having a consistent living space, their own rooms, a place to call “home”, etc, Nathaniel and Ethan did exceedingly well.  I was so happy that they remained stable and excited about each day.  Abigail, of course, had no clue what was going on, but she’s only a few months old.


After a fun-filled holiday, we got in our car, said goodbye to family and Ohio, and headed to Indiana.  We left early on the 26th, ten days after we had to abandon our fist home, and arrived in the early afternoon at our new locale with an empty house and two full shipping containers waiting for us.

A few contacts we had made over the last several months knew we were arriving on this day.  Within 30 minutes of our arrival, we had about 12 Chinese students and a professor helping us unload the containers.  The containers that had taken us 4 days to fill, took 2 hours to unload!  We were incredibly thankful.  What a Christmas present!

So Christmas was a bit hectic and we were ‘homeless’ on paper, but with friends and family around, we were certainly not homeless in the least.  And praise God for kids that are so flexible!

Since then we have been settling in, enjoying the ample snow we got here a few days ago, and meeting new friends.  It will be a long process before we say we are “finished moving in” but that’s ok.  It will also take some time for us to settle into our roles in this new ministry, but that is also expected.  For now we are going to enjoy the process and God’s provision and see what comes next!


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