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7 December 2014 by romanin

Packing Up
The packing has begun!  I’ve moved from America to Asia and back, I’ve moved to college and back, but this is a little different.  I have a house, a wife, and three kids.  I have stuff.  And apparently more stuff than I thought.  We started going through the rooms today packing up what we could with what boxes we had, and there always seems to be enough to fill another box or tote.  It is amazing what we have accumulated in a short time, even when we have been trying to be somewhat minimalistic.
With packing, we are also trying to be discerning of what we should or shouldn’t pack just yet.  This evening, Lydia had to unpack a few things in order to make dinner.  Oops.  This is definitely going to be a learning process for us, but hopefully we won’t need to repeat this process again anytime soon.
Then there’s the challenge of anything breakable!  A friend has given us a bunch of shipping tubes, typically used for transporting long and skinny things, or large documents like plots and drawings.  We are cutting them up to use them to package our drinking glasses.  That definitely feels like a win!  But we haven’t begun packing our plates, serving ware, picture frames, or anything like that yet, and those are all going to need special care as well.  Then there’s the huge 4’ x 6’ piece of glass that is sitting on top of our dining room table.  Any of you readers out there have a tip for that one?  It was shipped here from California in one piece, so there must be a way to ship it to Indiana in one piece.
We are using moving pods which will be dropped off on Monday.  These pods are 8 x 8 x 16’ containers (we ordered 2) that get dropped off so that we can take our time to load.  We’ll have the pods for a week here in Ohio.  After a week, a “Podzilla” will pick the pods up and take them to West Lafayette, home of Purdue University.  Unfortunately, it takes 5 business days for them to take the pods to their final location.  Because of the holidays, that means nearly two weeks.  They will pick up the pods on the 16th of December, and drop them off in West Lafayette at our new home on the 26th of December.
Then we have to think about our food (especially refrigerated), our plants, and our bird.  Can’t exactly put those in a moving pod, so I suppose they will stay with us at my Mom’s house for a few days while we are in transition.
During those few days (10 days to be exact), our plan is to stay at my Mom’s house and at my brother’s house during the holidays.  We’ll look at it as a holiday vacation.  The good thing is that we do get to spend Christmas with family.  But we expect it to be quite a “long December” to quote the Counting Crows.

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