We Are Moving on Christmas

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2 December 2014 by romanin


We have been waiting to make this post possible!  Actually, our house sold a few weeks ago, but we’ve been waiting for the sign, to make it official.

Anyway, the story is awesome:

On Friday the 7th of November, I had just reached the end of a rough week, and was feeling discouraged.  I cried out to God and was convicted to pray for something very specific.  We hadn’t had a showing in 3 weeks, and the sale of our home in Amherst was the one thing holding us back from moving to West Lafayette, so I prayed that that very day I would receive a text message that we would have a showing.  I prayed that the following day we would have the showing, and that the house would be sold on Sunday.

I have never had a prayer answered so specifically.  On Friday afternoon, I received a text informing me of a showing on Saturday: a direct answer to the prayer!  So naturally we were holding our breath on Sunday.  Nothing happened; that buyer wasn’t the one.  Wednesday the following week we had another showing, but after we heard from them, we were no more encouraged than before.  Friday night, however, we received an offer from the second buyer!  Being out of town, we couldn’t sign any papers, so we had to wait until … that’s right, Sunday!

Since then we have been able to rekindle the contract with the house that we had previously put an offer on in West Lafayette.  We will receive the keys to our new house in West Lafayette on the 22nd of December, and we have to be out of our house in Amherst by the 24th of December!  It’s going to be a fun month, that’s for sure.  We are basically going to pack up, enjoy Christmas in Cleveland, and move in between Christmas and New Years.

It is simply amazing how God answers prayer, and often in ways we least expect, and with a timing that we wouldn’t have planned.  Romans 8:28 says this: “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”  I will never say that only good and happy things happen to Christians, but I will say that as a father disciplines and raises his child desiring that the child become a good man, God has a purpose in all of the things that happen in our lives, for the sake of His Glory, and for the sake of the good plan he has for each of us; to make us into who we are meant to be.  As we are confident in that God has called us into ministry at Purdue University, we believe that he has acted here so that the calling he has put on us might be fulfilled, for the purposes of His Glory.

Those of you who have been supporting us through prayer, giving, and/or physically helping, thank you so much!  We are thrilled that you get to be part of this with us.  And I am going to do my best to keep this blog much more regularly from here forward, so that you have another way to walk with us.


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