Unfailing Love

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20 August 2014 by romanin

Recently I heard a song by Phil Wickham called “This is Amazing Grace.”
I’ve heard this song before, but this time, the phrase “unfailing love” caught my attention. What is it? To me it was kind of a catch phrase for God’s love, but what is it really? So I began to think about it a little more deeply.

First off, the phrase appears 40 times in scripture (33 times in the Psalms) in the NIV version of the Bible. David, in his prayers of supplication and praise seemed to think that this unfailing love was important to remember and critical to his hope in God.

Maybe the best way for me to think of unfailing love is to first consider its opposite: love that fails. So I thought about my love for my wife. Not because I have a bad marriage (I don’t), but because I know that I am not perfect and am not capable of unfailing love. So where does my love fail?

My love is limited because of my selfish nature, but more importantly, I am not a very powerful person. In my love for my wife, there is only so much I can promise her in the way of protection, provision, and preservation. I cannot protect her form my government, I cannot protect her from criminals all the time, I cannot protect her from death or sickness, I cannot protect her from the painful situations in life. I cannot provide everything she needs, I cannot provide health when she is sick, and I cannot provide life when death is looming. I cannot preserve her soul from Sheol or her body from the grave.

Finally, anything that my love can provide will cease when I die.  So I am nothing for her to hope for or in.  If she were to put her hope in my love, she would not only be disappointed, but she would be without an eternal hope.

God’s unfailing love is unfailing because it is complete in every way that my love is lacking.  It is unselfish, it is eternal, and it is all powerful!  God’s love can protect us from the things we need protection from.  God’s love can provide for us the things we need. God’s love will preserve us and deliver us from the grave, yes, even death is powerless in the shadow of God’s great love!  And to top it all off, when Christ died on the cross, his unfailing love didn’t fail, it was magnified!  And in his being raised from the dead, his unfailing love was truly rendered eternal, and unstoppable.

“This is amazing grace;
This is unfailing love;
That you would take my place;
That you would bear my cross.
You lay down your life
That I would be set free!
Jesus I sing for
All that you’ve done for me.”

-Phil Wickham :


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