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13 March 2014 by romanin

Spring is here!  

Or so we thought on Tuesday 3/12, when it was 55 degrees!  

That was before the severe winter weather warning and the gale warning that was issued on Wednesday morning.  We got 6 inches of snow yesterday alone!  And it was probably the windiest snow storm we’ve had this winter (and there’s been a lot, trust me).  

Today’s high is 21 degrees, bright blue skies and radiant sunshine.  A perfect winter day.  The snow is wet enough to pack for snowmen and well, it’s just pleasant walking weather.  Don’t forget your sunglasses!

Tomorrow’s high is back up to 55 degrees.  

The inklings of spring…always erratic and crazy here in Cleveland.

The first day of spring is technically March 20, next Thursday.  So, we will consider all of this freakish weather just a weird end to winter.  

With spring in mind, we are starting to think about our seedlings and what we want to plant in our garden this year.  We should’ve started our seedlings already, but didn’t realize it was that time of the year already!  Tomatoes, green beans, sugar snap peas and lots of leafy greens are on the preliminary list.  Our peach tree is getting bigger and while we probably won’t see fruit this year, it will have another season to mature.  Seedlings this weekend or next!  

Nick and I are committing to 40 days of no meat (Lent) and 40 days of waking up at 5 (Nick) and 5:30am for quiet time and prayer.  We’ve also started reading the book Upended and are really really enjoying the challenge of the book:  How Jesus recreates how you communicate and your relationship with the world you live in.  Excited to get more into the book, as I am only on chapter 1.  

Nathaniel had his first realization that Mom and Dad don’t always know everything, and that not everything we tell him is true.  I told him 2 names for the 2 cars on a page of a story we were reading and the 2 names were actually assigned to the wrong cars (should’ve been flipped) and Nick read that same story that same night and correctly assigned names to the cars.  Nathaniel and Nick proceeded to have a 10 minute debate as to which car was what name.  Nathaniel proudly and confidently told Nick, “I talked to Mama earlier today and she said that this car was ___ and that car was __.”  

Sad to say, I was wrong and Baba was right…but it was very difficult to convince Nathaniel that I was wrong.  

Ethan’s starting to walk around very confidently and can enjoy walking around outside too.  He’s also developing a very very quirky and humorous personality.  Lots of giggling, smiling and high-pitched squealing from that kid.  

That’s it for now!  Pictures of the past few months can be found here:  Google Plus


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