L: Dear Nathaniel


12 February 2014 by romanin


Recently, a friend of ours hung out with Nick and shared a really neat tradition he started with his son, who is a little older than Nathaniel.  We began that tradition today. 

I started writing a book of letters to Nathaniel, for him to open up and read when he comes “of age,” at 18 or whatever age Nick and I decide down the road.  

We are so happy that our friend shared this tradition with Nick!  Instead of just a book of pictures of Nathaniel’s birth (which we already have), we will write about his personality traits, his character, his strengths and weaknesses, what types of things he enjoys doing at each age and projections of what God’s gifts to him are, and how he could use them in the future.  I wanted to write andwrite and write, but ended up just limiting myself to what I thought was most meaningful and important for him to know..helpful things.

How will you leave your legacy?  What types of traditions do you have similar to this? 



One thought on “L: Dear Nathaniel

  1. Peggy says:

    on top of everything else, the picture looks great too. What a great tradition.

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