Hope That Does Not Disappoint

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24 November 2013 by romanin


Disappointment can be devastating.  Cheryl works as an au pair for an acquaintance of ours.  She started coming to church with us every week since her 3rd wk. in America in January 2013.  Every Sunday we have good conversations about the sermon that week and sometimes eat lunch together.  She has become a part of our family.  We see her more regularly than we see most of our other friends. 

2 weeks ago, we were talking about how when we put our trust in God, our True Hope, we will not be disappointed, and how it is our Hope in greater things that are to come, that makes suffering for our faith worth it.  Cheryl has told us before she thinks the world of her father.  He has always spoiled her and has never said a cross thing to her all her life.  Well, when we were talking Cheryl told us that earlier that week she had talked with her mom in China, who told her that her father has started getting drunk on occasion.  When he gets drunk, he destroys things in their house and gets violent.
This is what Cheryl emailed me later on that weekend, about our conversation:
“that’s my true feeling, when I realize my father not perfect, that really disappointed me, he was the one give me hope about the life. but I realize he can’t always give me hope. I need to know more about god, find hope from god! thanks so much about you and nick help me!
We ended up praying over Cheryl that night in the chilly fall weather.  Inside, our hearts were warm.  Warm, with the gladness that God was reaching out to Cheryl and drawing her toward Himself, showing Himself to her in ways that she could understand.
Join us in praying for Cheryl, that she would put her hope in the One who does not disappoint.




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