L: more than just a “hello”

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1 November 2013 by romanin

The past two weeks have been very encouraging to me.  Nick and I have been having dinner with acquaintances from church recently and it’s been amazing to see how it is only after you get to know a person on more than just a “hello, how are you?” level, can you really say you’re friends.

Being at church on Sundays, you only really get to say a few polite hellos and then you’re on your way to sitting down listening to the sermon.  There is no real way to get to know anyone in a “friend” sort of a way at Sunday service. Those who you just say polite hellos to are merely acquaintances.  There are first impressions and there are glimpses of a person that you get from when they teach a class or do an announcement.  These are indeed, only impressions, only the image you recall when you glance at something or someone.

When you get to know a person and their story, no one has a boring life.  No one has a stagnant life that is uninteresting.  Everyone has something to tell, something to share.

A night’s dinner can begin a friendship faster than a million weeks at church just saying hi can.   4 hours of uninterrupted conversation helps you understand a person more deeply.  The kind of deep that leaves you wanting more.  We always crave for more of that which brings us life and I believe that knowing a person brings us life.

It’s neat to begin understanding how our friends emanate Light and Love (capital L) to our world, to know that we know people who miss doing ministry to teenagers, or people who would want to feed the poor if they had a choice to not work.  It’s neat to know business owners who let their employees go pick up their kids from school because of their value for family, or people who live their lives so transparently that they are willing to have an outsider live in their home.

I love seeing how people’s hearts gravitate towards different issues and people groups…something I would have never seen had I been satisfied with a polite hello.

We all crave community and need relationship, but relationship is not based on just hellos.

We need more than just a “hello.”


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