L: Niagara Falls and playing hooky

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30 September 2013 by romanin

My mom came 2 wks ago and we took a short 1 night trip to Niagara Falls with the boys.  Nathaniel is the most pensive 2 year old I know…he stared at the Falls for 30 minutes, mesmerized and talking about it with my mom.
“Nathaniel, do you want to go swimming in the falls?” said my mom.  Nathaniel responded, “Um, oh”
Upon seeing the Maid of the Mist, “Nathaniel, do you want to go on the little white boat?”  With hesitancy, “Oh, um…no, no…no.”
About the vast amount of water flowing in the Falls, “Nathaniel, can we turn the Falls off?”  “No,” he said resolutely.
So cute.
Ethan is in the 99th percentile for height to weight proportion.  He’s 24 pounds, a beast of a 9 month old and is eating voraciously.  He and Nathaniel play well together, so much so that they played hooky last Friday while I was teaching piano!  My students left and I knew they hadn’t been napping, but at least they were quiet, and in the quiet of the house, I hear, “No more monkeys jumping on the bed” and then I hear an inhale laugh followed by some belly laughing.  Then I crept up to the door just enough to hear what they are doing, and I hear Nathaniel saying, “Boo!” and Ethan laughing uproariously.  Nathaniel was bent down with hands on his knees facing away from Ethan and would wait a few seconds and then suddenly turn around with a different expression on his face each time.  Ethan thought it was hilarious! and Nathaniel thought it was funny that Ethan laughed.  So, we all laughed together for 20 more minutes.  So much for afternoon nap!
Some Niagara Falls pictures:






Feeding grandma







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