L: Ethan is Almost 9 months!

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2 September 2013 by romanin

After our long absence from blogging, Nick and I have decided that it is best for us to come back to it and re-vamp our blog.  Renovations will be gradual and will hopefully give you a better way to navigate the site and connect with us.

With that being said, updates on the kids first.

At 8 1/2 months, Ethan is now pulling himself up and crawling around the house with ease.  He is becoming much more social and loves talking and connecting with people.  He is definitely a gabber.  He is also has his own agenda and is much more opinionated than his brother.  Ethan loves eating on his own (much more of a baby-led “weanee” than Nathaniel) and often protests if he does not get to personally hold his food.  Again, he has his own opinions of how things should be. …don’t we all.  🙂  He’s got 4 teeth and 1 on its way and has already gotten 1 hair cut.  Many people see him and think he is a girl, even after having gotten the hair cut!

Ethan pulls himself up often now!  One step closer to walking

Ethan pulls himself up often now! One step closer to walking


Pre-hair cut wispy sideburns…

Nathaniel is now 2 1/2 years old and is still a great independent player.  Sometimes he is so good at occupying his time and finding things to do that we don’t even remember he is there!   If one could be in love with inanimate objects, Nathaniel is in love with construction vehicles.  Bulldozers, excavators, diggers, backhoes, dump trucks.  Pretty much anything with wheels and a motor catches his eye.  He is also very musical and loves singing.  He has recently learned a variety of songs, including “Hokey Pokey” (with motions), “My Sharona” (he is his father’s son) and “I’ve Got Peace Like a River”.  In the verbal department, he is talking up a storm now. He has learned how to tell a story or re-tell what happened earlier in the day; he speaks in both Mandarin and English, speaking full sentences in both languages.  A recent haircut mistake left us with no other option but to whittle his hairstyle down to a “4” setting on the clippers.   Shaolin Kungfu fighters now have a new fledgling.

Nathaniel reads "Saint George and the Dragon" and tells me about it

Nathaniel reads “Saint George and the Dragon” and tells me about it

Nick and Lydia
What are they doing these days, you ask?  We are preparing to run our first Half Marathon in Akron, OH at the end of September.  Our good friends Derek and Channing are coming up to run the race with us.  We are very excited and looking forward to this big feat!  We have a busy month ahead, with a trip to Hilton Head followed by a visit from Lydia’s mom and then the 1/2 marathon.  Lydia’s sister is getting married in December, so preparations are underway for that as well.  We are looking forward to the arrival of fall, our favorite season.  We are hoping to take the kids camping once or twice more before winter sets in.

What do you like to do when you take your kids camping?


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