Winter’s First Dusting and Some Ethan Lovin’

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21 December 2012 by romanin

After reading the blogs of 2 mom friends from college (Bringing Up The Bear Cubs and Cultural Fusion), I am inspired to get back into blogging regularly about our family.  So without further ado…

Winter has finally arrived.  We got our first sheet of white, dusty snow last night!  Looking outside after waking up this morning, I smiled to myself as my heart became content at the beauty of God’s creation gently covered with snow.  Even though there wasn’t much snow, it was enough to give the outside a wintery look.  Perhaps we will have a white Christmas after all!

You guys haven’t met Ethan yet, have you?  Let me introduce you to him!


Ethan Josian Romanin, aka “hammie” or “squeaker”

This is Ethan.  He was born on Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 6:35pm after about 6 hours of labor, no pain medication and about 6-7 pushes.  He was 10 pounds, 4 oz.  Not the tiniest baby.  He was apparently, the biggest baby to be born in St. John Westshore’s birthing tub!  How’s that for records?  We spent 1 night in the hospital and then came home.  We’ve since, been blessed with meals almost night of the week and visits from dear friends.  Nick’s been home too, so that’s been a treat!  I love family time!


Nathaniel has been doing well with the our family’s transition.  He is exhibiting typical “older sibling” symptoms of randomly acting out and being difficult at times as he understands his new role in our family.  In general, though, he is doing great and is enjoying spending extra time with his dad at home!  He is also learning to understand how to play (or rather, NOT play) with Ethan.  Nathaniel is definitely an affectionate little guy.  He’s always kissing and hugging Ethan, gently stroking his hair and helping me to burp Ethan by patting him on the back.  He’s turning into a pretty great big brother.


Today was my first day at home by myself since Ethan was born and I was a bit nervous and stressed out about what it would be like without Nick’s help.  Well, it turns out that it’s not as bad as I had imagined since I’m writing a blog post right now.  Anyhow, with today’s snow, I snatched up some time in the morning to go outside with Nathaniel while Ethan was sleeping.  It was Nathaniel’s first encounter with snow that he can remember (last year barely offered us any snow and Nathaniel doesn’t remember that far back).  He doesn’t have snow boots yet, so I just put his sneakers on and I wasn’t sure if the snow was snowball quality snow, so I didn’t put on his mittens, figuring we would just look at the snow and walk around a bit.  Well, there was just enough snow outside to make snowballs with, so I showed Nathaniel how to make a snowball and then I threw it at him!  He loved it and asked me to make more snowballs for him to throw.  So I made about 10 snowballs for him to throw and for each throw, Nathaniel would stomp a few paces and make a loud grunting noise as he threw the snowball!  He had a blast!

It started to get very windy, so we went back in the house and upon entering the house, Nathaniel’s feet slipped on the linoleum and he ended up on his back on the floor!  His sneakers had no traction on the bottom, so they had packed on a bunch of slushy snow and created a slippery sole.  Poor Nathaniel has never had his feet go out from under him, so he got scared and angry and whined/complained about it for 30 seconds.  Don’t worry he’s ok!

Well, after we got his coat and shoes off, he started wailing and looking at his hands.  His little hands were red from throwing those snowballs and they were cold.  He was probably experiencing that tingly feeling as your hands adjust to being freezing to being warm again.  At any rate, I quickly took him to the bathroom and put a warm wash cloth on his hand.  He was relieved to find out that what I was doing was helping him and he quickly cooperated by keeping his hand still and not flailing about.

So although our first snow adventure was not flawless, we had a great time throwing those snowballs!  I definitely learned my lesson:

1.  Get snow boots
2.  Mittens need to be ON any time snow is involved

That’s it for now.  Merry Christmas to you all!


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