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29 November 2012 by romanin

Post hair cut picture

It’s about time for an update, dontcha think?  Nathaniel is currently almost 22 months!  He is as cute as ever and is doing a lot in terms of learning and developing!  A lot of the development is in speech and understanding social cues, etc.  Here are N’s top 10 developmental changes/milestones!

1.  He says “Bye, Baba!” when Nick gets ready to leave for work.  Nathaniel understands that saying, “Alright, well, I’ve gotta get goin'” (or something similar) as one puts coat and shoes on mean that departure is imminent.

2.  He is sleeping in a twin bed with a bedrail now.  After 2-3 weeks of getting caught getting out of his bed and playing in his room instead of napping, he is now pretty well adjusted to the new rules that come with his added freedom.  This move to the twin bed was mainly to prepare for Ethan.

3.   Repeating, mimicking and imitating me and Nick are what he does best!  When Nick and I are talking in the car and N’s in the back sitting in his car seat, we sometimes forget that he is listening to our conversation and occasionally, we will hear Nathaniel interject some familiar word he heard in our conversation.  Sometimes he’ll also surprise us by saying something we said that he’s never said before, like “DANG!”  Time to start being careful of what we say and do!

4.  “Walk like an old man.”  He will bend forward at the hips and walk with small steps and with his hands behind his back, just like an old man.

5.  If you tell him to “do soooo cute,” he’ll cup his hands and put them by his checks, cock his head to one side and smile a cheesy smile.

6.  He loves babies!  I think this is God’s way of preparing him for a little brother.  At church nursery, N loves rocking car seats and giving pacifiers to babies.  He also likes doing anything he sees an adult do with a baby (i.e. feeding them, giving them a bottle, etc.).

7.  He knows how to peel a banana (once you’ve opened it up for him)…though, sometimes he doesn’t know how far to pull the peel and then he’ll end up with an entire strip of peel in his hand, to which he says “Uh-oh!” and walks over to the trash can and throws it away.

8.  N has a voracious appetite for the most part.  He’ll eat whatever we eat and sometimes eat as much as me!  He loves dipping things and sometimes it’s his way of just eating dip…but most of the time he’ll eat the dip with whatever he’s dipping with.  He is sitting on a booster seat at the table now and uses a fork/spoon very adeptly.

9.  He distinguishes tunes/songs now and attributes certain songs to certain people who introduced those songs to him.  Nonna and Popo both have songs that belong to them so far.  He also changes the way he dances according to how the song sounds.  Slow and melodic songs will find N swaying and moving slowly.  Fast and uppity songs (LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem or Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal) result in Nathaniel bouncing up and down with his hands and arms flailing about.  It’s a sight to behold!

10.  He knows how to blow his nose and blow out candles or blow bubbles!  Being able to blow his nose is such a blessing with cold/flu season being here in full swing!

In other news, Ethan, our second so far unborn son, is supposed to be due December 17, which gives us another 2.5 weeks!  At the 36 week mark, I got very anxious, not sure if Ethan would come 4 weeks early like Nathaniel did.  But so far, as I approach 38 weeks, still no sign of Ethan.  I hope he comes the first week of December.  Who knows, though.  Babies come when they come.  There’s no telling!  The birth of Ethan is one among about 7-8 other births that will be happening in our church family this winter.  It’s a baby boomer season at church!  Nursery, get ready!

So, as Nick and I await the coming of our son, we begin to also think about the coming of our Savior as a baby on this Earth.  We are excited to start advent season and see what God has in store for us in the upcoming year!  Drop us an email or comment so we can re-connect with you!

Playing w/fall leaves

It’s cold out here!

hee hee

Mama’s sunglasses are cool!

Making faces w/Mama

This is how I sleep

The many faces of Nathaniel



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