L: Potty Training


27 August 2012 by romanin

Potty training

We’re good friends with the Swiffer and mop these days.  Nathaniel has gone diaperless for 3 days so far and the first 2 days were filled with various types of pee and poop accidents.  Today was the first day he’s pooped on the potty since we’ve started the diaperless days. He’s pooped on the potty once before but that was definitely not a conscious effort; it was more happenstance.  Today’s poop, though, was me putting him on around his normal poop time, him pooping and seeing his poop and realizing that it was he who had pooped on the potty.  Yay for this big accomplishment!  I will spare you the picture of his first poop in the pooper.  haha  Peeing is not as easy because for him, he doesn’t care that he pees onto the floor.  So, I went and picked up some toddler underwear and I’m going to put them on him.  The hope is that the discomfort of wet underwear is incentive enough for him to pee on the potty.

We’ll see how it goes.

In other news, we’re excited to be only 3 weeks away from our trip to the Outer Banks, which will be taking place in the middle of September.  We’re looking forward to a time of relaxation and sun!

Here are pictures of my 2 experiments with beets:

Cold Beet Soup


Beet Bread

It’s a rainy day…time to get a lot of stuff done around the house!



2 thoughts on “L: Potty Training

  1. Ta Chung Tsui says:

    Where is Outer Bank? Is this the same place you were last year?

    • romanin says:

      Outer Banks is in North Carolina. It is the same place we visited last year with Monica Zhang. You should look it up on Google and see where it is because it’s a really unique place!

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