3 years


9 August 2012 by romanin

Our anniversary was yesterday, 8/8!  We celebrated by going to a batting cage and hitting slow-pitch softball, trying to hit fast-pitch softball and trying to just see baseballs.  Nick hit some of the baseballs; as for me, I had no such luck.  I would always be caught swinging way too late.  We were in the 60 mph cage and boy is that a fast pitch!  I can’t even imagine the type of training it takes to play major league, where pitches can be upwards of 80 mph!  Yikes!

After batting cages, we did some putt putt, hiked alongside a river and went to the mall to change into formal wear (that made me feel like a spy, changing in a public bathroom so that people wouldn’t recognize me upon my exit of the mall).  We finished the night with a nice dinner at a French bistro called “Le Bistro du Beaujolais.”  It’s one of our favorite fine dining locations around here and is only reserved for very important occasions.

It was a great night!  Many thanks to Nick’s mom for making half a day of quality time together possible.  Such a blessing!

Here are some recent pictures, including pictures of our anniversary-wear and a recent visit to the beach (Lake Erie beach).


There’s a baby boy in there!!

A rare family picture


Playing with Nonna



Bubster Hasselhoff is what we call him

Self-shot: Nathaniel is learning to mimic very well, so I made a face and he copied!


Nathaniel is starting to practice drinking out of things other than a sippy cup


He’s also really into climbing chairs and couches now. Getting good at it!







2 thoughts on “3 years

  1. megan says:

    love the picture of nathaniel and the nalgene!!!!!!!

  2. megan says:

    oh and happy 3rd anniversary!!

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