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19 July 2012 by romanin

It’s time to post about crafty stuff once more [finally!!].  It’s been a while since I’ve had time to do anything crafty.  Of course, there’a always working on Nick’s striped sweater that’s been sitting around for 1 year…and there’s always making new PUL diaper covers…and starting the 2-3 dress and shirt ideas I have in my head.  But I wanted something quick; something I could finish in 1 or 2 afternoons.  So I chose a wet bag and a simple blouse.  Today I will blog about the wet bag.

I’ve never owned anything animal print…in my life!  But now, I own 1 animal print item:  a wet bag for diapers and other wet stuff.  I bought this material to make a changing pad for a friend, so the material was laying around in my basement crafting space.  Well, after seeing a few good deals on Zulily for wet bags, I decided it was time that I changed from using grocery store plastic bags to a reusable, washable wet bag.  I actually already had a plain, white waterproof fabric wet bag that neither Nick nor I liked because it had a drawstring closure and would let diaper smells get out of the wet bag.  Eek!  So, I took it upon myself to convert the drawstring wet bag into a zipped wet bag with a cotton outer layer to give it some more style.

Enter animal print.

It’s zebra–black and white stripes.  Totally NOT me!

But I decided to go out on a limb since after all, it is just a diaper bag.  I also had a homeless zipper that once zipped up a shirt/blouse (that has since been torn apart for other purposes) laying around that was the perfect length!  Surprisingly enough, I also have the tool for pressing snap buttons into material (for the loop of the wet bag).  So, combine all of the things “laying around” my crafting space…and voila!

A new animal print wet bag.  Take a look!

Behemoth, our black cat, got in the way


Repurposed zipper



Snap button for the loop to tie around stroller/door knob, etc.



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