Kiddy Pool Fun and Pesto

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16 July 2012 by romanin

Well, I had an entire post written out and then WordPress didn’t let me publish, so I clicked on something I thought would let me save the draft and it ended up taking me to a different page and, well, my entire post was deleted.  Bummer!

So, here I attempt to reproduce what I had written.


On the days where temperatures get to the mid-upper 80s and lower-mid 90s, Nathaniel loves playing in his kiddy pool.  He has no fear of the water and just loves splashing around, dunking his head in the cool water and drinking some pool water through it all.  He was out yesterday and I captured some fun pictures of him playing.  He couldn’t get enough of the pool!  Thoughts of getting out only crept into his little head when the he started getting cold.  And even then, he wasn’t sure if he really wanted out right away!  I hope these pictures will kind of re-create what his time in the pool was like.  🙂


There were many more cute pictures, but I just chose the ones that best represented his time in the pool.  🙂  Hope you enjoyed them!

Developmental milestones:

1.  Using a spoon and fork- he can eat yogurt, oatmeal and the like with a spoon.  He can stab firmer soft stuff (pieces of fruit, scrambled eggs, etc.)

2.  21 teeth!  Bright and white, nice-shape and straight!  Hopefully his permanent teeth grow back like this too.  haha

3.  N loves babies!  Whenever he sees a baby or a picture of a baby, he’ll say “bae-beh” and do the sign for baby.  It’s cute.

4.  Dancing is his favorite hobby.  With all the weddings we’ve been to recently, he’s had many opportunities to practice dancing!  Favorite moves:  walking like a zombie (Mama taught him that), spreading his legs out like he’s stretching (watching Mama do Jillian Michaels), spinning in a circle, leaning to one side in a pose, whatever else he sees other people doing.  Favorite music:  Michael Jackson, Michael Buble or swing/big band, classical.  Nick played some heavy metal for N and he just stood there looking kind of confused…

5.  Helping Mama is his purpose in life for now.  Even if he doesn’t quite have the skills to do so in a true helping way.

6.  Building blocks instead of destroying them.

7.  Up/down stairs- he practices doing this without going on all fours.  Of course, Mama and Baba help him do this.

8.  Swimming in the lake, pool, whatever body of water he can swim in.

9.  Reacting to “no” or not having his way.  He gets red, he clenches his fists and his whole body gets tense…and he stomps his feet a little bit and sometimes walks a few paces away and then comes back.  Learning how to control your feelings and desires is a hard thing!  Lessons in self-control begins now…not when you’re in school.

10.  Cuddly boy.  He’s very affectionate and loves hugging and kissing people!  Oh, he’s also very sociable…he waves to people at the grocery store and people driving by our house.

In other news, we made pesto from the carrot tops (yesterday’s post).  Here it is!  It was delicious!  Nathaniel ate so much pesto…almost as much as me!  We hadn’t had pesto in a while and N loves pesto.

Carrot greens pesto


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