Purple carrots!

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15 July 2012 by romanin

ImageWell, here in Amherst, Ohio, it’s been a hot summer.  Hot and humid, just like a good midwest state.  Good job, Ohio.  Fortunately, though it’s generally been a pretty dry summer, we have had some good bouts of rain/thunderstorms.  Even so, Nathaniel and I have had to be diligent in watering our vegetable garden.

We’ve already had some good yields:
1.  a nice batch of plump, big sweet peas

2.  some green beans (we tried green beans in a rectangular planter this year and they did not fare as well as they did last year in the ground)

3.  many salads (Italian salad mixture plus bok choy and spinach)

4.  1 batch of carrots, which will be featured in this post

We will be looking forward to a nice harvest of tomatoes and an even nicer harvest of Acorn squash!  Questionable vegetables are:  brussels sprouts and Poblano peppers.  We think they were planted to close together…thus, creating many leaves and greenery, but no fruit so far…but we’re still waiting.

The carrots we bought were multi-colored carrots- orange, yellow, purple and white.  You’ll see, they look pretty cool!




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