L: Father and Son bonding

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20 September 2011 by romanin

Here is a great picture of our family on the beach on Emerald Isle in the OBX (Outer Banks).

The happy threesome

Upon our first week back, I was able to see something I hope I will continue to see as little N gets older.  I love peeking into the living room while I’m cooking in the kitchen and seeing this:

Drums and piano..father/son duo

Look at little N’s hands flying on the keys!!

Give me that drum!

Teamwork...did you say something, Baba?

Great performance guys!

Look at little N’s bright eyes!  I love it!

Gotta start him early on music, right?  🙂

In other news, little N now has 2 bottom teeth!  1 is almost completely in and the other one is 60% in.  It’s amazing how the two teeth came in so quickly!  I can’t believe how well his little body takes all the drastic changes!

He is also starting to eat some finger foods. Although hand-eye coordination is still pretty lacking, he was able to get one piece of pumpkin into his mouth after a few failed attempts.  Unfortunately, after he got the pumpkin into his mouth, the poor thing realized that he didn’t really like the taste of pumpkin.  😦  Saaad.



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