sitting up!

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25 August 2011 by romanin

he’s sitting up unassisted!  we still put pillows or a boppy behind him in case he falls over, but he can play by himself sitting up pretty steadily.  once every 5 minutes, though, you have to help him sit back up because he’s fallen over to the side or back…but he’s sitting up!  🙂 this brings a new challenge in my life as his mom.  this means that he is not as content with laying down, looking up at dangling toys and things.  he wants to be able to sit and reach for toys and have control over his faculties.  so for now, i need to sit him up to play, go do something for 5-10 minutes and then come back to him to help him sit back up.  and then repeat the whole cycle again.  haha

as a result, i have loved using the jumper that a church family let us borrow.  it’s a jungle theme and has a tree frog, toucan and other random jungle animals surrounding the little jumper harness.  quite the over stimulated little contraption.  it’s little n’s new favorite thing.  sometimes he jumps so high and hard that i think he’s gonna jump himself right out!  like a little tree frog.

i took him to vermilion river reservation this past monday and he loved looking around at the trees, leaves, birds, the sky, everything.  he also loved pulling at the grass (who wouldn’t?) and stuffing random things into his mouth (the new thing).

little n sitting up at vermilion river reservation

this onesie is one of my favorite ones…it says “handsome like daddy”.  of course, i think his daddy is more handsome, but cute will suffice for little n.  🙂

the bucket hat may only last him a bit longer.  it fits his head pretty snuggly now, but will probably be too small for our trip to the outer banks.

good thing mommy’s prepared with a similar style bucket hat in the next size up.

haha (don’t worry, it was free!)




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