little white scratchy thing and caffeine

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25 August 2011 by romanin

beginnings of pearly whites

big n was feeling for those pearly whites this afternoon and found the beginnings of little n’s first tooth!  😀  just enough peeking through the gums to be scratchy.  of course, this was met with joyful glee from me and big n.  we were ecstatic!

all this to say, this great announcement made my crazy day much more light-hearted than it had been, earlier in the day.


little n went and skipped 2 naps this afternoon!  yes, this is bad.  he gets a little crazy every time he skips naps.  he’s never successfully skipped 2 consecutive naps, though, so this was a first.  he was bleary eyed and easily annoyed by the time 4pm rolled around, trying at nap times to sleep, looking tired, rubbing his eyes…all the signs of tiredness, but not able to fall asleep.  poor thing…

fortunately, he still ate his solid food dinner and managed to take a cat nap before his last feeding of the day.  phew!  it was draining and brought great distress to a mommy who was concerned that her little man hadn’t gotten enough sleep, and was going to just melt into crankiness…

thank goodness big n came back home around 4 something and “saved the day,” providing a shoulder to cry on and some emotional stability for me.  it later occurred to us that i had had a full cup of drip coffee (which has more caffeine than 1 shot of espresso) this morning, which i rarely do, and that perhaps this was the culprit for little n’s lack of ability to fall asleep…whatever the cause, he went down 1 hr early today.  poor bubster, he was so tired.  hopefully he’ll get a good night’s sleep.

sleep well, bubster.



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