N: Nathaniel’s 2nd Camping Trip

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2 August 2011 by romanin

This post won’t be quite as long as the last camping post, but it will be equally stimulating I hope.  We went, last weekend, to Findlay State Park which is really only like 20 minutes down the main road; it’s literally 3 turns and about 20 miles.  We went with a couple of friends from church, one of which had never been camping before!  So that was fun.  (As you can see, I am having fun with hyperlinks in this post.  I’ve not really utilized them before.)

Anyway, it was a hot weekend like it was when we went to Kelly’s Island, but it wasn’t quite as hot, and we happened to be under a thick canopy of mature trees, so I thought it was quite comfortable.  We cooked, like always, over an open fire, and shared the burden.  There were three families and so we took it in turn to cook.  All together there were really only five meals, because we left early Sunday morning and arrived Friday night.

Nathaniel did quite well this time.  He slept through the night the second night.  The first night, he was rudely awoken when he rolled himself into the wall of his own little tent and kind of got himself into a rather uncomfortable position.  He remained awakened because I woke up having to battle raccoons for our potato chips and peanuts.  I lost… 😦

The Bubster had a few firsts.  It was his first time fishing with daddy and mommy (we caught 5 bluegill and ate 4 of them), it was his first time taking a shower with daddy (he flipped out because the shower didn’t have a regulating knob, it had only a bush button “on” switch which let loose a torrent of high pressured water.  He calmed down though, and had a good time anyway.), and unfortunately, his first bug bite.  He got bit by a horsefly on the corner of his mouth.  It was really sad because he was bleeding to boot.  It didn’t swell much at all, thank God, and there’s no mark left on him, but it was traumatizing none the less.

One of the families we went with came with their kids who are 4 years old and 7.  They are a riot.  They got themselves into all sorts of trouble, but had a good time anyway.  I always have a good time with kids, it allows me to be a kid again too.  There were several people, kids included, that we hadn’t met before this trip, and we got to know them a little as we spent time together.  It all seemed to come together at the last campfire.  That was my favorite part.  Everyone was talking and laughing like old friends.  We were telling riddles, adults and kids alike.  And it turns out that a riddle from a kid is just as hard (if not harder) than a riddle from an adult, because most of the time, the riddle coming from a kid, makes no logical sense.

One of my favorite kid riddles was “What do you call a person who is shaped like a triangle and has a head in the middle and feet but no arms?”  the answer of course being Nelson referring to the full or half nelson.  Another was “This person is my cousin and her name starts with a “J”.  Who is she?”  Its not as if my not knowing her cousin put me at enough of a disadvantage, the answer turned out to be Chelsie, which doesn’t start with a “J” at all.

All in all, it was a great time, Nathaniel did great, and we are looking forward to more camping trips in the future.


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