L: More, please!


1 August 2011 by romanin

Sign language for "more"

I started teaching Nathaniel the sign (sign language) for “more” about 1 month ago. I introduced it by doing the sign every time before I would give him more to eat. On Thursday last week, I did the sign before giving Nathaniel more, and he copied me by doing the sign! I was ecstatic and after giving him that next bite to eat, did the sign again and asked him, “Nathaniel, more?” He did the sign again!! And I told him “Goood boy, Nathaniel!”

So, another milestone. He is not even 6 months and he knows the sign for “more.” That’s our Bubster for you! Now we just have to start teaching him some manners and teach him “please.” That’s a harder concept. Maybe we’ll have it down in the next few months.

Yay for Nathaniel!


2 thoughts on “L: More, please!

  1. John Tsui says:

    I am excited to read your journal and learned about his quick response. Keep it up and you will fun to come.

  2. Soniel says:

    Nathaniel is sooooo adorable….and a smart cookie too! Thanks for sending the link to your family’s website Nick, your family is so gorgeous and it’s great to be able to keep in touch again. Ron and I are in the midst of starting a blog and will keep you posted, it’ll most likely be under the monikor of ‘Ginger and Spice’, cause he’s a ginger ; P

    Jia you!

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