L: He’s ticklish


23 July 2011 by romanin

I found out during tonight’s bedtime routine, that little N likes being tickled on his sides, right where his ribs are.  I found this tickle spot by accident while I was giving him his bedtime baby massage (essentially a whole-body rub down).  While little N is laying on his back, I run my hands under him, along his back, and end with grabbing his toes.  Well, I noticed that he would arch his back every time I got to the middle of his back.  So I did it a few more times to see if the spot that got him to arch his back was always the same, and it was.  So, I decided to zero in on that spot to see if he was reacting because of the tickles.

Surely enough!  I “gummed” his ribs and he giggled the cutest giggle I’d ever heard, one of enjoyment and playfulness.  I did it a few more times, and then tried tickling him by nuzzling my fingers into his ribs.  Each tickle was rewarded with a playful giggle of delight! I wish I could have recorded his giggle so you all could hear it too.

I think both he and I were equally tickled.

Him, because it was a new sensation.

Me, because he was just so darn cute.


One thought on “L: He’s ticklish

  1. John Tsui says:

    It is good to know you spend so much time exploring his temperment and his body. Keep up with the good work.

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