L: bike-nic and blokes

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12 July 2011 by romanin

we were at quaker steak and lube last week on a thursday night. little did we know that thursday nights are “bike-nic” (picnic) days, where bikers (not to be confused with cyclists) come out and eat together, party together and look at bikes together.

we were sitting inside the restaurant at a booth, enjoying the fun surroundings- cool auto parts, a motorcyclist “crashing” through the window, and random auto mechanic tools.  after being seated at a table, we were looking at the menu for a few minutes when someone pat Nick on the shoulder and said, “Hey, man, what’s up??!”  To our surprise, our friend, brittany from church,  happened to be working, so she re-seated us to her section and served us awesome food.

when we were done eating we decided to take a walk outside and upon exiting, we were greeted with swarms of grungey bikers of all ages sporting their black harley-davidson apparel, dark jeans and bandanas.  all of a sudden our stoneblasted jeans and plaid button up shirts and bright red Thailand pants weren’t so cool anymore. as we walked through the sea of mustaches, Gimli-ish beards and tattoos, we felt like sixth graders walking through a sea of “too cool for school” eighth graders talking about their “dating lives,” of which we had none.  out of place, to say the least.

after passing through the noise and merchandise stands at which we could have purchased “the world’s most comfortable riding glasses,” we came upon the parking lot, which had its own share of out of place feelings for us.  in the parking lot were old men wearing leather vests that bore bare chestedness covered with “i love mom” and other tattoos.  we also saw some awesome biker chicks with black and red leather cowboy boots and tight black leather pants, complete with dyed red hair and aviators, eyeing us silently at us as we passed by their lovers’ bikes.

the conversations heard in the parking lot were mostly incomprehensible to me– talking about how much money was spent on this and that for their bikes, about how some drunk guy running into a bike caused $6,000 worth of damage, of which i couldn’t even detect (the $6,000 caused the drunk guy some teeth), about how the paint job on that bike sucked.

the only thing i could say over and over again was “this is crazy! this is crazy! this is crazy!” never had i been in a place with so many bikers and bikes!  it was astounding.  this place was not only filled with motorcycle afficionados that had middle-of-the-road average bikes; this place had probably over 1 million dollars worth of bike parts! i was paranoid of accidentally stepping on a rock or something, and tripping, knocking one bike over and then having the domino effect knock over 20 more. and then have to pay for the damage…which would be tens of thousands of dollars, or have my teeth knocked out by all the angry owners.


nick and i, shawn and raquel commented about how funny it’d be if we had parked our fictional Treks/bicycles, wore our spandex and bike helmets and clip-ins, and came to this bike-nic.  i think only the four of us would have thought it funny…

so after walking around for awhile, feeling like everyone else felt like we had no good reason for being there, and that these bumbling bunch of blokes were just crashing their party with our non-understanding and cluelessness of their culture, we headed to the car to go home.

oh yeah, to make myself look more like a clueless bloke, i took a picture with my cell phone.  whaaat?  i had to. “it was crazy!”    



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