L: a bubster in amherst


12 July 2011 by romanin

Nathaniel has been growing and changing a lot these days.  he’s had his first 2 swims of the summer (many more to come)…both were cute and uneventful.  both times we put him in the water, he looked as if he had been swimming all his life and that the pool was no surprise to him.  hm, so much for the excited parents waiting by the pool side to take pictures of surprise and astonishment.  he was even chill when we let him recline on an infant flotation device. he was nothing but cute!

reclining on his floaty

i guess i should also take some time to explain the title of this post. well, mainly, i guess, to explain the origins of the nickname “Bubster.”  while most people assume we call Nathaniel “Nate” or “Nathan” for short, we actually always call him by his full name “Nathaniel,” or

Bubby or Bubster.  We call him “Bubberino” or “Bubberone” on occasion, but mostly “Bubster” or “Bubby.”  I think the nickname “Bubby” came after we heard a couple friend call their son “Bubby.”  I guess we thought it was cute because we started using it when our own little Bubby came into this world.  we are used to adding a “-ster” to the end of words, and of course

“Bubby” was no exception, so we added -ster to the end of that, making it “Bubster,” an easy and fast name to say, not to mention adorable.  there ya have it.  the origins of “bubster.”

Bubster’s also been having some mile markers with physical development.  he’s started to sit freely with minimal support, or sit contained in his Bumbo. he’ll also try to bend over and grab a toy that’s put in front of him while he’s seated.  he also rolls over from belly to back, and showing signs of soon being able to roll over from back to belly.  that will be an exciting day!  when that day comes, he’ll be able to be 360 degrees mobile.

there is also a video of Nathaniel rolling over in his crib. perhaps i’ll post it later on.

in this gallery below, there are also pictures of when my sister, her boyfriend Tim and my mom came to visit for fourth of july weekend.  there’s a great pic of the two grandmas with the bubster.  cute stuff.  enjoy!



One thought on “L: a bubster in amherst

  1. Tabby says:

    Wondering where this flotation device came from? I love it!

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