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4 July 2011 by romanin

Well, I haven’t blogged in a long time, and I think that I need to start being a little more consistent if I want to keep this site up.  Life gets kinda busy and I think to myself “I should blog about this” and “I’ll do it tonight” but it never happens.  So here is s very short update.  Nathaniel is turning over now, he’s interacting a lot more, and eating solid foods.  This past weekend, Lydia’s mom, sister, and sister’s boyfriend stayed for the 4th of July weekend but are leaving today.

Pretty much all we did this weekend was eat great home cooked food and drink coffee.  It was awesome!  It was really cool to have people over our house too, we love to host.  Beside that, our guests loved seeing Nathaniel; Lydia’s mom lives in California, and her sister lives in Philadelphia.

In other news, we have been remodeling our basement!  Pictures to come.  Our first task was to get the basement dry and to make sure it stays dry.  After tearing out the carpet and grinding the floors down, I was able to patch up the leaks with hydraulic mortar and waterproof the walls from the inside.  We then installed glass block windows which stopped water coming in at the window wells.  Now we have one problem left to fix… one of the window wells fills up so high that the water comes in at the vent.  Once we get proper drainage around the house, our problems will be fixed… for now.  So as for the rest of the work in the basement, we redid the floors, and are currently working on drywall.  It should look very cozy when finished.  We’re pretty excited.

That’s all for now.  Hopefully we will be more consistent about blogging in the future.  We shall see.


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