L: spring, a time of newness

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28 April 2011 by romanin

spring is here and there are new things all around us!  new blooms, new ways of doing things and new experiences!

i first wanted to share with all of you, the different flowers we now have on our property.  we have one flower bed on each side of the driveway and both are symmetrical (as much as they could be) with the types of flowers they contain and how they are arranged (to an extent).  i planted muscari, allium, narcissus and hyacinths in the fall and we have noticed that tulips and one or two other kinds of flowers that i did not plant are also coming up.  perhaps they were left there from before or something.  i posted about the flowers i planted in the fall in an earlier post.  the allium are not up yet, but the other three are.  after a week of dreadful thunderstorms, wind and hail, the hyacinths look like they’re tired and ready for some hibernation.  Look at them falling over… 

i’ll post some pre-bloom and post-bloom pictures to show you guys how beautiful the progression of growth can be!

Bleeding Heart Pre-bloom

Bleeding Heart post-bloom

Forget-Me-Nots Pre-bloom

Forget-Me-Nots Post-bloom

and here are some pictures of the different types of flowers we have


Creeping violets



we’ve also adopted a new way of doing things in the dining room.  we are now, with a measure of added discipline, clearing the entire dining table after every meal.  that means clearing the table of all plates, place settings and clutter so that we can take the tablecloth off and just have the bare wooden table showing.  this is an attempt to eliminate the problem of the dining room table becoming the “everything/all stuff/clutter” table, and preserving it as the dining table it is supposed to be.  this does not mean that we cannot multi-task on the dining table (because i think a dining table should be able to be multi-purpose), but this means that we HAVE to clean up our stuff after we are done using it.  doesn’t it look so much neater with everything off??  too bad i didn’t think to take a picture of it when it was a mess!

ok, signing off to a hungry baby.

me and the little man.


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