N: Lenten Song, a Dedication to an Easter Celebration

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24 April 2011 by romanin

This Easter was a cool one, because it was Nathaniel’s first!  But also because I wanted to be intentional about reflecting on what Easter is for.  Too often do I go in and out of a day without even realizing Christ’s grace; heaven forbid that I should go through Easter without really remembering why we celebrate it!

We went to a mass on Good Friday.  In the Catholic tradition, two significant things happen at a Good Friday mass.  First, the passion of the Christ is read out loud from the Gospel of John.  There are four parts, including the congregation.  The congregation usually represent the masses in the recitation and therefore are the ones saying “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!”  I always hate saying that!  But I love being reminded of the significance of it.  I love being emotionally reminded that I had part in Christ’s death.  It helps to put things in proper perspective.  The second significant thing is the kissing of the cross.  The priest proceeds in to the sanctuary holding a wooden cross and chanting “Behold the wood upon which hung the saviour of the world!”  and the congregation answers, “Come let us worship.”  Then the congregation proceeds forward following the cross, and each person kisses the cross to show their adoration for Christ.  It was a beautiful and moving sight.

At our Easter service, our pastor completed his series entitled “no perfect people allowed” by talking about Mary Magdalene.  I won’t go into too much detail because I want to write much more, but the point that got me was the reminder that Christ payed for every injustice.  I usually say that to myself and include myself in the throng forgiven.  However, I go throughout my day judging in my heart those that cross me or sin against me even in small ways.  What I continually forget, is that Christ died to pay for those injustices as well.  If I am under Christ, I not only have freedom form guilt, but freedom from unrighteous anger!  That I need to remember.

The final part of my Easter was just reflecting on past thoughts.  I stumbled upon a poem I wrote while in China, and I want to share it.  It is called ‘Lenten Song’ and it is partially unfinished.  But reading it moved me and reminded me of the depth of reality of the cross.  It needs little introduction, so I want to leave you with the reading of it.  Enjoy and may it bring you blessings!

Please click on the link below.

Lenten Song by N. Romanin

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