Little Nathaniel Has Arrived!!!


16 February 2011 by romanin

On Saturday, the 12th day of February, in the year of our Lord 2011, at 6:54 am, Nathaniel Alexander Romanin was born into the world.  Here’s the story…

2:00 am:  Lydia wakes me up complaining that she’s having some significant contractions and that her mucous plug has come out.  I tell her it’s probably Braxton Hick’s contractions and that it’s way too early to worry about anything.  I go back to sleep.

4:00 am: I wake up for real this time.  Lydia is still having contractions so we time them.  They are 45s long and about 2.5 min apart.  They are pretty consistent.  I get up and start cleaning to be awake with Lydia.

5:00 am: Lydia wants to call our midwife, so we do.  Lydia explains the situation and that her contractions feel like a 6 or 7 out of 10 on the pain scale.  Our midwife tells us not to worry.  She says it’s too early and that Lydia should try walking around and/or taking a warm bath.

5:15 am:  I draw a warm bath for Lydia.  She pees first and says she feels like she needs to poop.  I tell her she shouldn’t try.  She stands up.  wAter falls out of her.  She gets in the tub for about 2 min.  During this time, I’m looking through the book that we were given in our birthing class which we haven’t finished yet.  Things are not supposed to happen this fast.  I’m trying to figure out what stage of labor she might be in.  She stands again and water falls out in a gush.  I call the midwife this time and tell her that Lydia’s water has broken.  Colleen (the midwife) says “Bring her in.  The last time someone’s labor progressed this quickly, the husband delivered the baby at home.

5:30 am: I’m going crazy packing bags and getting Lydia ready.  I start to believe that this is it and get excited.

6:00 am:  We are on the road to the hospital.

6:20 am:  we arrive and get our butts to maternity.  This being our first time, we don’t go to emergency, later you will find that this was a wise decision.

6:30 am:  Lydia is in a hospital bed and is undressed except for a gown.  The midwife begins to give Lydia a vaginal exam.  She says “I don’t feel any cervix at all; I feel hair!”  We are informed that Lydia is fully dilated.  Colleen asks Lydia if she feels like pushing.  Lydia tells her she’d felt like pushing for some time but didn’t because she thought it was too early.  Colleen tells her that on her next contraction she can try pushing.  She does and I see a half dollar of a hairy little head start poking out!!!  Colleen asks Lydia how it feels, Lydia says it feels like a giant turd.  Nurses bring in some equipment including a mirror and prepare for the delivery.  In three more contractions, three more pushes, Nathaniel is out!!!

6:54 am: Nathaniel, in all his wet naked glory arrives!  HIs little shoulder causes Lydia to tear a bit.  I cut the cord when it stops pumping blood.  Lydia delivers the placenta along with a mass of blood.  the nurses clean and stitch Lydia up and weigh Little Nathaniel.  He is 6 lbs and 13 oz and 18 in  long.

What an experience.  That day and the next, Nathaniel met more than 20 friends and relatives, and Sunday night, was introduced to his home.  Since then, the first night alone with him was rough, but it’s gotten better.  Last night we got a significant amount of sleep, which was a blessing.  I suppose you could have called them a series of naps.

Second only to my wedding day, Nathaniel’s birth was the happiest day I can remember.  Life is nothing short of a miracle, and watching him come out was complete magic.  I know hard times will come but I can think of nothing that would make me rue the 12th of February, 2011.  Here’s a picture of the little fella’.

Nathaniel Alexander


One thought on “Little Nathaniel Has Arrived!!!

  1. Leila says:

    Hey Lydia,

    I have been following your blog for several months now and I’m really excited for you. The baby is beautiful and I know that you will enjoy motherhood. A big congratulations to you and Nick!

    Also, thank you for the wedding lingerie! Life got really busy so I wasn’t able to thank you for that.

    Norm and I are doing well. He works at the Federal Reserve of Chicago and I left journalism and opened my first boutique! Being a business owner has been a blast so far, and I’m really proud of myself 🙂

    Although we’re excited for all our friends having babies, we’re not planning on having any for another 3 or 4 years, lol. But it’s nice to look at cute pictures from afar 🙂

    Anyway, just wanted to send you a quick update. I still tell Norm stories about the time I stayed at your house in California. It was SO fun!!!

    Much love,

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