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10 January 2011 by romanin

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Today’s update will include pictures of the past month.  We’ve accomplished a lot in the past month.

Home Improvement: Before installing hardwood floors, we painted the living room walls and ceiling.  The old wall paint color was a light light pink and we changed it to “Lyndhurst Estate Jade,” (Valspar paint from Lowe’s) which is a darker paint, a medium green tone.  The green walls match our decorating style much better and brings out the artwork we have up on the wall more!  For the ceilings, we chose the complement paint color, “Lyndhurst Estate Cream” (also Valspar from Lowe’s).  The cream color is barely distinguishable, as it is just on the ceiling and changes hues depending on the type of light bulbs we use.  We are thoroughly satisfied with our paint selection.

We installed the hardwood that I mentioned in the previous post.  It is 97% finished.  We still have a few more rows to go for the living room and we still have part of the hallway to  finish.  The hope is to finish before this weekend, which is Salami Weekend/Day!  (More about that later).

Gardening:  Nick’s mom gave us Paperwhite Bulbs for Christmas and we planted them the day after Christmas.  Surprisingly enough, they are already sprouting and shooting up!  It’s only been 3 weeks!  Our Italian herbs are faring very well indoors.  Our house is a constant 65-70 deg., so that helps the plants stabilize.   Nick’s also waiting for his three grapefruit trees to grow big enough so he can try out Bonzai technique on them.  I have found that Primrose need a lot more water than African Violets.  We planted garlic cloves last fall and are hoping they will come up in the spring time…we’ll see.

I’ve baked a ton!  I made my first pound cake and it was an utter success!  It was a Lemon Cream Cheese Pound Cake.  Perfectly lemony (tart) and sweet!  A perfect dessert to go with coffee or tea.  I also found a great muffin recipe, perfect for mornings where you want to bake something fresh, but don’t want to wake up too much earlier than everyone else.  We’ve perfected our Italian bread recipe, which was cause for much excitement.  When I say “perfected,” I mainly mean that we finally kneaded it enough that it was fluffy and airy, just like store-bought Italian bread!  I made Nick a sandwich with it this morning and it was delightful!

Pregnancy: Nathaniel is 31 weeks now.  That means only 6 more weeks until he’s considered “full term.”  9 more weeks until the 40 week point.  We are so excited!  The next post will hopefully include some pictures of our recent maternity photo shoot by Angela, Nick’s cousin.  She came out to our house and got a lot of pictures of us indoors and outdoors.  It was so much fun to be photographed by her!  Nathaniel kicks a lot everyday and enjoys hearing his Daddy’s voice.  The baby room is coming together.  We are hoping to paint the baby room this weekend after Salami Day .  We’re thinking a light blue-green?  Oh yeah, we also got our cloth diaper shipment.  We’re trying two different brands, bumGenius and Econobum (CottonBabies), to see which one we like better and which one works better for Nathaniel. For now, we’ve put a pair of bumGenius on Thomas, the build-a-bear.

Enjoy the pictures!


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