L: holiday project and more projects!


26 December 2010 by romanin

Merry Christmas everyone!  We are tackling two undertakings over Christmas/New Year’s break.

1.  re-paint the living room and hallway walls and ceilings

2.  install hardwood floors in the living room, completing the second of two rooms

Vince, Nick’s brother helped us a lot by taking down some door mouldings/trim without damaging them so we can use them again.  the rest we did by ourselves, the painting and trim work.  So far, so good.  We will start installing the hardwood on Tuesday or Wednesday this week and try to finish before New Year’s when one of Nick’s college friends may stop by for a visit.

The next project we will tackle is painting the baby’s room.  Nathaniel’s room will have some kind of blue walls, with white trim.  Then my (Lydia) next sewing project will be making a small mattress and cover, for the bassinet.  We also have to get all the furniture in Nathaniel’s room together and in order.  With Nathaniel coming at the beginning of March, we are looking at just a little over 2 months to finish these things.  Hm, should be do-able.

*Christmas observation:  you get many more gifts for Christmas if you are expecting a baby.  Last year Nick and I each got a few presents, plus a few things as a couple.  This year we both got about the same amount of presents, BUT Nathaniel, who has not even been born yet, received about 3-4 presents!!  It’s amazing how a baby changes things!



One thought on “L: holiday project and more projects!

  1. peggy says:

    dear lyd: always a delight to read your blog. love you all!

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