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8 November 2010 by romanin

i wanted to post some pictures of recent undertakings around the romanin household.

since i am now 22 weeks pregnant and my baby bump is growing, maternity pants have become a necessity.  pants with elastic waists, a piece of the fashion annals i thought was “so” 2 decades ago or “so” granny”, have now found a place in my wardrobe.  fortunately, there are more creative ways to incorporate elastic waists than just to put them on tapered pastel-colored pants.  i found two pairs of pants that were older or not as worn in my pre-prego days and took to converting them into maternity pants.  i am happy to tell you that it was a project met with success!  i made one that has a lower waist, that goes under the belly and another one that can be pulled up over the baby bump.  total cost approximately for elastic band and polyester material:  $5.00!  who would’ve ever thought that maternity pants could be so cheap and fit so well!  no bagginess, no extra material anywhere.  they fit just like they did before!

Over-belly Khaki Corduroys

Under-belly Stonewashed Jeans








we’ve been realizing that without intentionality, a marriage can easily become a situation where you end up being good roommates instead of good lovers.  to be good lovers takes intentional effort and takes thought!  it does not just materialize on its own.  noticing and remembering the little things your spouse appreciates can make a marriage so much more meaningful.  case in point:  i’ve been getting back later at night (around 10pm) recently due to a gig that i’ve been playing (“the Little Shop of Horrors”), and one time i came back nick had turned on the front porch lights.  i really loved coming back home to a warm, welcoming house, so i told him how much i liked it when he did that!  ever since that day, every night i’ve been gone late, he’s had the lights on when i get back!  now, two things about this situation:  1.  i told him and 2. he remembers!  it takes the person who appreciates to communicate that feeling of appreciation and it takes the other person to remember what was appreciated and do it when the situation arises again.  simple things like that make it more fun everyday!

since being pregnant, i’ve had more days than before, where i’ve not felt like cooking anything (no creativity or just don’t feel like it), so nick has been cooking more often.  it’s such a breath of fresh air to eat other people’s cooking!  so on Sunday night, nick cooked supper!  it was an at-home date.  he made the best spicy seafood  gumbo and white wine/garlic/caper infused mussels.  it was perfectly gourmet.  there are no pictures of the gumbo, since we were so excited to eat it, but i can definitely say that it was the best-tasting gumbo i have ever had!  i told him it was like going over to someone else’s house! (because i didn’t eat my own cooking!)  haddock fillet, shrimp, mussels, seafood-chicken stock, some jalepenos for spiciness, with a base of creole etouffee/roux (pronounced “roo”).  we ate it with italian bread (store-bought).  mmm, mm!  with the leftover haddock fillet, i made a sesame-dill encrusted haddock with dill-thyme cream sauce, and i did get to take pictures of that, so here they are!

Sesame-Dill Encrusted Haddock



i transplanted what i thought were mums and they turned out to be these kind of flowers, perhaps a mum hybrid?  we were very surprised when they bloomed and…well, were more daisy looking than anything else!  the second picture is a picture of a beautiful sunny day in the fall.  the yellow leaves belong to one of our two beechwood trees in the front yard.  beautiful and vibrant!



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