L: planting spring bulbs in the fall

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8 October 2010 by romanin

About two weeks ago we went to Lowe’s to buy materials that we needed for painting our kitchen/dining area.  And of course, since it was the beginning of fall, Lowe’s had put a seasonal display of “for sale” bulbs at its entrance.  Nick and I have walked past flower displays before, saying to ourselves, “We didn’t come here for flowers, so let’s keep going.”  This time, we looked at the display cubbies of bulbs and “oo”-ed and “ah”-ed between ourselves.  You see, Nick and I really love gardening; well, I don’t know if we can say that we love gardening, since we don’t really know that much about gardening due to lack of experience and lack of the pursuit of gardening knowledge.  So, let’s put it this way.  We like being in the garden to play around and learn as we go.  How about that?  🙂  We definitely want to cultivate our knowledge of gardening (flowers and vegetables) and eagerly take any season, opportunity and flower we can to build our green thumbery.

So we lingered at the display of flower bulbs leaning on this side and that side of the fence.

“We could just get a few…”
“Or we could wait until next fall when our big house projects are done with…”
“They’re so expensive…”
“They’re not that expensive…”

After a few minutes of deliberation, we both looked at each other and agreed that we should just buy a few and try them out this year.  We couldn’t resist.  Our love of color and of life, of flora and fauna, and of skill and discipline left us subtly defiant of our rational and financial boundaries.  So we went home with our four bulb packets, including bulbs that bloom in early, mid and late spring (so we’ll have flowers all spring!).  Narcissus, Allium, Hyacinth and Muscari.  See pictures below.

Aren’t they beautiful?  We’ll see how they turn out this spring when they bloom.  Here’s to our first spring bulbs!


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