L: r.i.p. periwinkle


7 September 2010 by romanin

our parakeet, periwinkle, died over the weekend.  we were gone, so we didn’t even get to see her, but nick’s mom was taking care of our house, watering the plants and feeding the kitties & peri.  the first day she came was saturday morning, one day after we had left.  we left friday late afternoon for the weekend.  well, on saturday morning, she came in singing periwinkle’s song, “peri, the winkle bird…” and to her dismay and shock, peri was dead on the floor of her cage, not moving and not breathing.

we drove back on sunday and got back home on sunday afternoon and the first thing i noticed was peri’s cage in the garage, cleaned out, with all of peri’s toys out of the cage, to the side.  then, i got that feeling in my stomach that always comes when i expect bad news…peri was no longer alive.  i knew it.  if she were, the cage would not be here.  we went into the house and saw the empty space above the little table we used to perch her cage on.  she was no more.

peri had been sick for awhile, but she seemed like she got better because she started eating and drinking regularly again.  if she was sick, she definitely didn’t show it too much.  she held up for 3-4 months after her illness.  so we thought she naturally recovered.  well, i guess she wasn’t all the way better…and that she had been acting strong enough to overcome whatever was still in her system.  i guess she never fully recovered.

r.i.p. peri.  you were a strong bird and you kept your corner of our house well-fertilized (with all her seed shells on the floor) and cheerful, with your chirping and songs.  that corner is now empty and we feel as if something were missing.  you stayed strong til the end; til your body couldn’t take it anymore.


2 thoughts on “L: r.i.p. periwinkle

  1. Hi, I also have a bird named Periwinkle. She is 7 years old and she has always been a healthy bird. I also have a little boy bird named Sky who is 5 and 1/2. He has been sick many times in his short life and I am blessed to still have him around. His illness makes him stronger. Peri never caught any bad bugs from Sky. Your Peri doesn’t look that old. I thought my Peri was a boy for the first year and it turned out he was a she. You Peri looks like she might have been a he too, because of the blue cere. Have you got a new Budgie yet?
    Best of luck with all your future birds!

    • romanin says:

      Our Peri was quite young, only a year old. We don’t know what was wrong. I’ve had a bird before and he was alive and well for 9 years, but this poor bird only lasted us one. We haven’t gotten a new budgie yet, but we hope to.

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