L: wedding differences…?


23 August 2010 by romanin

the cycle continues.  nick and i sometimes think to ourselves, “no one reads our blog, so it’s ok if we don’t blog as much as we want to…” and then we get people telling us, “i went to your blog yesterday…you guys don’t blog that much…” so they stop going to our blog.  well, we’ll try to do something about this and blog more in the future, beginning with this post.

recently we went to two weddings in the south– one in atlanta, georgia and the other in pinehurst, north carolina.  neither nick nor i have ever gone to a wedding in the south and we noticed one difference about these two weddings.  neither of these weddings had dinner receptions.  now, whether it is due to the bride and groom wanting to keep their wedding low-cost or due to the tradition in the south that dinner receptions are not normally done, we don’t know.  but all this to say, we were pleasantly surprised when the receptions were just desserts and light refreshments.

is there anyone from the south that wishes to add more insight to this?

our drive to north carolina was beautiful!  through the mountains of west virginia and the rolling hills of southern ohio, the picturesque scenery definitely helped the long 11-hour drive go by faster.

to come back to a rainy, sweet-smelling amherst, ohio was a terrific treat and great way to end the weekend trip to north carolina.  home, sweet home.  i always get that feeling of *sigh* and a smile when i’ve been away from our home on dewey road for a few days.  it’s always good to come back to something familiar.  we are made for the familiar, something eternal.


One thought on “L: wedding differences…?

  1. peggy says:

    glad to see this new post. 🙂

    home sweet home, yes indeed. I praise the Lord for bringing you and Nick together.

    love you.

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