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15 June 2010 by romanin

some random goings on at our house this week:

behemoth loves plastic bags…I don’t know what it is with cats and loving bags– paper bags, plastic bags, cloth bags, suitcases– they love anything they can snuggle into or jump into.  it’s weird.

fezziwig and behemoth are good buddies and sometimes will lick each other…well, the other night we were watching a movie and fezziwig was sitting up and behemoth was lying down..well, fezziwig decided to lick behemoth’s face a few times.  he then, sat back and stretched a little bit…and THEN he SAT ON behemoth’s FACE!!!  Whaaaat?!  it was like he was cleaning his seat…or something.  so cute and weird at the same time.

nick’s best friend came up to visit for a few days and it was good to see him.  it’s always good to see old friends…old faces.

my sister is starting her job in wilmington, DE, so we now live only 7 hours away from her!  it’s exciting.  we might plan a trip some time to go visit her.

the house might be under construction this summer…at least part of it will be.  exciting!!

last thing– 1/2 of the seeds we put down in the early spring were dead seeds…so half of our garden doesn’t have anything growing in it.  better luck next time.

here’s to good fruit with what we do have.


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