Happy Easter!!


4 April 2010 by romanin

Christ is risen!!!  What a glorious holiday!  Think of the word, ‘holiday’. . . holy + day = holiday.  If any day deserves to be called one its today.  I sincerely believe that this day is and should be regarded as the most important holiday on the calendar.  This is the day in which we remember Christ rising from the dead.  The very man upon whose life the calendar is based, and upon whose death and resurrection our very faith is based.  Without this event, you see, there is no gospel, no good news, no reason to claim that Christianity is real, no reason for hope.  The resurrection of Christ is the backbone of the faith of a Christian, amen, it is the reason a Christian continues living as a Christian and finds value in his own very life.  On that Cross, Christ released us from the debt we owe him and his father for the sin we have committed.  Jesus said to the father “forgive them, they know not what they do”.  He said this of the scoffers and the very roman soldiers that put the nails through his hands.  I know YOU weren’t there, but you would be lying to yourself if you said you have never scoffed at our Lord.  And if you are not a Christian, there’s a good chance you are scoffing now!  But the message is that Christ’s death on the cross paid for all of your infractions and mine as well, and all sins that may be committed from here on out.  They were paid for at the cross, so that God could say, “I forgive you, come and be my child once again.”  It is not a message of bondage and rules as some suspect, but a message of freedom.  Freedom from guilt and sin, freedom from the bonds of addiction, the freedom to not sin, the freedom of love and a new beginning.

In our culture, it seems that Christmas takes the cake for biggest holiday.  It is more about presents than the actual birth of Christ anymore, but be that as it may, Christs birth, although miraculous, is nothing in comparison to the significance and importance of his death and resurrection.  Remember this Easter what you have in Him.  Tell someone else about it too!  And have a happy Easter. . .  and eat lots of candy.


One thought on “Happy Easter!!

  1. aipingplum says:

    Indeed He is risen!! 🙂

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