L: eggs, can’t get enough!!


26 February 2010 by romanin


Sunny-side up, poached, over easy, scrambled, hard-boiled, deviled, steamed, you can eat them any way you want!  Eggs!

Recently, I’ve been in awe of how quickly Nick and I go through eggs.  Whether it’s eating them for breakfast  or using them for cooking and baking…we always seem to need more eggs.  For two people we sure consume a lot of eggs!  Our breakfast usually consists of eggs and some kind of breakfast meat (sausage or bacon)- Nick has 2 eggs and I have 1 egg.  So if you do the math,we consume 3 eggs everyday for breakfast, which means that we need 1 dozen eggs for 4 days.  If we want eggs for everyday of the week that means 21 eggs for the week!  That excludes eggs for baking or cooking purposes.  We can therefore, easily consume 2 dozen eggs a week.  Fortunately eggs are a rather cheap grocery item- we can get 1 dozen large eggs for $1.43 at Save-a-lot (Ohio chain, like Aldi) and up to $1.75 at Giant Eagle, a chain supermarket.  Or we can get them from an organic farm 45 min. away for $1.60/dozen.

I feel like I am buying eggs all the time.  When you memorize the price of any grocery item, you KNOW you buy them A LOT!  I think I’ve just resorted to buying the family size (1.5 dozen) for the two of us for the week.  We’ll see how that goes.  It’s really quite amazing, though, that two people can eat SO many eggs! Makes me wonder about the quality of eggs we buy.  Does the type of egg (free-range, organic, etc.)  you buy actually change its quality?  And how much does the nutritional value/quality vary?  If we’re eating so many eggs what type of eggs do we want to be putting into our bodies?  People usually put a lot of emphasis on “organic” and spend exorbitant amounts of money on their “organic” goods.  In the end, though, does every single thing in your kitchen need to be organic in order to be healthy?  There must be some grocery items for which “organically” grown doesn’t make a HUGE difference in what it’s doing to your body.

Save money…organically?

Perhaps one suggested way to be healthy and save money is to figure out what your family consumes the most of, and spending a bit more to be “organic” for those certain things.  And for all else, buy healthy but not necessarily organic.  Another idea is to grow your own garden for things that you want to be organic, but cannot afford.  If you don’t have the money, and want that organic quality you need to either make the time and grow those things or make the time to shop around to compare prices of vendors in the local area in order to find the financially friendly vendor.


As winter hits Ohio hard with a few last snowy slams, Nick and I are getting excited to begin our own garden in the backyard!  We may not be able to plant this year, but might be able to prep our plot of land for a garden next year.  Time to learn about seeds, planting and gardening.  I also want to learn about flowers- annuals, perennials and bulbs.  There is always more to learn in life.  Always.


One thought on “L: eggs, can’t get enough!!

  1. Broham says:

    I for one am excited about your garden. I am hoping to see lots of gardening photos and would be curious to see how it goes from week to week.

    I don’t eat that many eggs myself even though I do love them. Bagels are my thing. I eat them all the time. Sometimes that’s all I’ll be in the mood to eat in a particular day. I’ve decided that since my bagel consumption is so high I need to buy the best bagels and cream cheese that I can find. It is the only food that I’ll do that for. Well, that and orange juice.

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