Kittens, Cravings, New Configuration

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8 January 2010 by romanin

This is my first time posting in a long time, which is ironic since I’m the one at home and Nick’s the one working most of the day.  haha  Anyway, things at the house are constantly busy.  We got two new kittens from a friend’s friend- one black, who we named Behemoth (beh-hee-meth) and the other black and white, who we named Fezziwig.  The name “Behemoth” comes from Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita.  In the novel, Behemoth is a human-sized black cat who represents Satan.  Since naming Behemoth “Behemoth,” we’ve started seeing how he is truly growing into his name.  Behemoth is the most defiant kitty I’ve seen, and yet he is also the most affectionate and sociable.  Fezziwig, named after Dickens’ character in A Christmas Carol, is the opposite of Behemoth; he is timid and scared of people, always running away from you if you try to pick him up.  He gets his affectionate stints, but for the most part, he keeps to himself and has become best friends with his squeaky mouse toy.  Behemoth and Fezziwig sleep together in a cardboard box with some old blankets in our basement and they love terrorizing our Christmas tree.  So far, Periwinkle, our parakeet, and the two kittens, have been able to co-exist peacefully, save a few attempts by Behemoth to jump onto Periwinkle’s cage.  After being yelled at by Nick and me, though, Behemoth settles with just laying quietly under Peri’s cage (it’s on a small table).

Chinese food…..Thai food…Vietnamese spring rolls…these are all of my most recent cravings since week 4-5 of my pregnancy.  It’s really quite bizarre.  I theorize that it’s also because I’m finally in a place where authentic Chinese doesn’t exist within 10 miles of our house, and that I miss Wuhu food.  So I’ve resorted to learning Chinese recipe vocabulary!  It’s kind of a fun way to expand my Chinese vocabulary- recognition and pronunciation.  I’ve yet to find ways to use the vocabulary in my speaking.  I have a 江苏 (Jiangsu) cookbook that I’m slowly going through and trying and I have also resorted to looking at Chinese recipes online.  Chinese recipes are much less concerned about precision and leaves a lot of the seasoning up to your own taste buds, which makes it kind of fun to experiment, but also makes it hard to get the same dish exactly the same each time you make it.  I got this awesome $2.00 Thai cookbook from a Border’s Outlet that was closing and I can’t wait to start making dishes from it.  Too bad we don’t have banana leaves or galangal in Amherst, OH.  But then again, there are a lot of things that Amherst, OH doesn’t have when it comes to Asian cooking.  Haha.  The nearest quality Asian supermarket is about 50 minutes away.  Bummz and a half.  😦

The furniture we’ve been waiting for has arrived and so most of the rooms have a new configuration!  The latest new configuration that I’m most excited about it our master bedroom.  We’ve taken to an diagonal approach to our space since it is very spacious and roomy and have the head of our bed at one of the corners of the room and it extends out into the center of the room.  We have two dressers (his and her’s) and a closet, making good frames for the room.  This configuration seems to make the room seem much bigger, not like it needed to be augmented in anyway.  I am satisfied with this set-up.

A few pictures now…

More exciting posts to come!  Stay tuned. 


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